Katie Malone

25 Time Ironman.

I specialize in bringing beginners up in the ranks & Iron distance racing. All my plans are custom and have proven results over the years. I have coached hundreds of athletes from their first sprint race to their first Ironman finishes. I treat my athletes all as I would if they were my best friend who just started racing and this has helped me to grow my business but more importantly life long friendships. I’ve been coaching for 15 years and racing for 25!

I have been involved in triathlon for 25+ years and have raced as a pro and an age-grouper but I feel my real talent is in coaching. I have a strong background in running and swim coaching. I coach because I enjoy it but it is also my full time job so I take it seriously. I have won local sprints and been on the podium at Ironman races and raced Kona, but nothing is as satisfying as seeing athletes I coach achieve their goals.

Katie’s Services

1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Training Camps, Run Analysis, Swim Analysis


English, German

Athlete Requirements

Athletes must come to me ready to work hard and have an open mind!

Katie’s Story

I grew up in NJ as an only child. I always wanted siblings but my mother would constantly remind me that I did have a pony. So from as far back as I can remember I have been around horses. I grew up riding with my mother and driving in the carriage with my parents. We cross country skied together, went ice skating on a frozen farm pond in the winter and rode motorcycles in the spring. When I was 11 my father retired (yes, they had me when they were a bit older).  We moved to NC for my parents to retire. It was here that I was able to fully appreciate the freedom riding a bike could bring. I rode everywhere and I rode often. When I wasn’t on my bike I was on my pony exploring every trail I could find. These also happen to be the same trails that I use for running to this day.

Love for the water.

When I was in high school my father built a boathouse on Lake Lanier in Tryon, NC and that is where my swimming began and still continues to this day. In high school I ran track and cross country and played soccer. I didn’t set school records, but I always did well. My senior year of high school I spent as an exchange student in Germany.  I am still fluent in German. I came back from Germany to go to college but just wasn’t ready for it, but eventually I found my way back to school. I ran cross country in college and received some scholarship money so I looked at it as my part time job. My other part time job was cleaning houses. I was always busy and I worked really hard, but that was just good practice for what was to come.

Getting Started.

Before I started coaching I had a desk job. It was a good desk job but I really hated not being able to see out a window in the office building where I worked. I worked hard, but it certainly wasn’t my dream job. I worked for an engineering company in Spartanburg after I finally graduated from college at the University of South Carolina – Spartanburg. I have a degree in Business Management which has indeed served me well. While I was working there I started training seriously for triathlons and after a year of training hard and missing the qualifications for Hawaii by just 2 minutes I did something completely reckless. I quit my day job. I admit it felt really good to just quit. Maybe it was stupid, but I think that sometimes it is good to follow your heart.