Stephanie Hance

Born: Ohio, 1988
Team Member Since: 2015
From: Hillsboro, OR
Events: Triathlon, Anything outdoor that sounds fun!

Do you race for fun, health or competition? Why?

I race for fun and for health! I will never be an elite athlete, but racing adds value to my life and has allowed me to make friendships with some of the finest people on the planet.

What personal goals have you reached already?

Reach and exceeded my goal of finishing an Ironman!  My only goal at the start was to finish inside the time limit, but Katie wouldn’t allow me to settle for anything less than my very best.

What is your favorite part of training?

I love training with friends. Even though now my Greenville training partners are 3000 miles away, we still do our best to hold each other accountable in our workouts and share in our successes!

Why did you choose Team Malone?

I chose Team Malone because of the great team atmosphere – so many amazing people that I can now call friends. Also a great coach who understands that triathlon isn’t always the main priority in life, but challenges me to push my limits.