Athletes choose Malone Coaching for the one-on-one personal service.

At Malone Coaching we believe you should be able to talk to your coach whenever you need to. Our coaches race with their athletes and when they aren’t racing, they are guiding athletes through every facet of triathlon.  No other coaching service has as many one-on-one training opportunities with qualified coaches.

For local athletes there are also ample group training opportunities. For athletes outside our local area we can arrange meetings and training camps using modern technology to enhance the athlete/coach relationship.

One Team. One Goal.

While triathlon is largely an individual sport Malone Coaching uses team dynamics to help all athletes achieve their potential. We are not a big coaching company which is why we are able to deliver personalized attention to each of our athletes. We are family friendly with many couples enjoying a training plan that allows them to complete some workouts together but still grow individually. We train together, we socialize together and we support each other. We have a bond through our sport and through our shared goals all directed by qualified coaches. Come out and meet us at local races and see what we are all about.

What sums up the difference between us and other coaching companies?

We are coaches but we also care. Triathlon is a way of life for us and we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to pursue a career in something that we are passionate about. We want to help everyone get the most out of their triathlon experience whether it is a beginner completing her first triathlon or someone going after a Kona slot.

Katie Malone’s Qualifications

  • 25+ years of racing experience
  • 12 years of coaching
  • Level 1 USA Triathlon Coaching Certification
  • Level 3 USA Cycling Coach
  • Personal Trainer for Gold’s Gym
  • Professional/Elite triathlete
  • 2006 SC Triathlon Series Overall Winner
  • 2002-2012 All American Triathlete
  • 2x Ironman World Championships Qualifier
  • 2003 Ironman World Championship competitor
  • Collegiate NCAA, All Conference runner
  • 21 Time Ironman