2019 Malone Coaching Uniforms

Just a quick update on the uniforms for 2019.

Wattie Ink helped to make the uniforms a little more masculine at the request of the men on the team. I had planned to place the order BEFORE Christmas but despite my best efforts to be persistent with them, that has not happened. So we will wait…I don’t like waiting. Look for the order to be placed at the beginning of January. That should still be plenty of time for us to have them by Parris Island.

We will be ordering CYCLING GEAR and TRI KITS. Keep in mind we have to meet minimums of usually 12 pieces (we can combine men’s and women’s). The speedsuit has a lower minimum.


these are true to size, if you feel like you are unsure of your sizing please check their sizing guide and use a good old fashioned tape measure to figure out which size will fit you best. The good news is that they are all lycra which is pretty forgiving!
I don’t order extras so please don’t count on me ordering more than I need. If you think you want a uniform (YOU WILL) go ahead and get it now!

Some of you have asked about pricing…You can expect something in this ball park for the pieces:

  • Tri Shorts – $105
  • Tri Top – $105
  • 1-peice speedsuit – $270
  • Sleeved Tri Top – looks like a tight bike jersey – $130
  • Windbreaker jacket – $130
  • Bike shorts for women – $140
  • Bike Bib shorts for men – $170
  • Bike Jersey – $125

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  1. Hi Katie,
    If it’s not too late I’ll take the following:
    Tri Shorts – $105
    Tri Top – $105
    Bike Jersey – $125

    1. Hi Eric – I am so sorry but the order was placed back in early January. There are some people selling some on the private group Facebook Page. I know there is at least one Medium kit for sale that is brand new.

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