Andy’s Race & Lake Logan Weekend

This weekend was the kind of racing weekend that reminds me of my WHY. I simply love to be out there racing, surrounded by people who feel the same way I do. It isn’t always easy or glamorous but some weekends it all comes together. Andy’s Race, in memory of the first athlete I coached, saw the Malone Coaching women sweep the podium and new athletes stand on the podium for the first time. We had first time athletes power through and those from the GVL TRI club join us too. The ladies who raced Lake Logan found each other and leaned on each other. This is what makes our team wonderful but also gives us strength. I am so proud of what all these athletes accomplished, each and every one of them overcoming personal obstacles to perform to the best of their ability.

Iryna, Kelly and Gail all met for the first time at Lake Logan!
After a busy summer of getting married, visiting family and lots of travel, Kim still made time for her training. It wasn’t easy and the training didn’t look like it usually does but as you can see here…it worked!
Sarah is a mother of 3! Her husband trains as much as she does. What makes her so successful? Her consistency! She is working her way up the ranks and just keeps getting faster and stronger!

August 7-8 Lake Logan Olympic Tri, Canton, NC

Iryna Apanovich – 3:09 – 1st Olympic Tri!

Gail King – 3:12

Kelly Danias  – 3:17

Christi Coomes – 3:27

August 8th CSTS #5, Charleston, SC

Cal Sinkler – 1st AG

August 8th Andy’s Race Sprint Triathlon, Greenville, SC

Katie Malone – 1:14 – 1st Open

Sarah Campen – 1:16 – 1st AG (35-39)

Steve Hinds – 1:17 – 3rd AG

Wes Baker – 1:17

Haley Brammer – 1:18 – 1st AG (25-29)

Brad Fraedrich -1:18

Beth Mullikin – 1:20 – 2nd Masters Open

Leigh Irwin – 1:20 – 1st AG (45-49)

Kim Parenti – 1:26 – 1st AG (40-44)

Lisa Powell – 1:28 – 1st AG (60-64)

Phil Zitello – 1:36

Matthew Roland – 1:36

George Wright – 1:39 – 1st Triathlon!

Meagan Love – 1:46

Josh Kendrick – 1:50

Paul Zimmerman – *Aquabike 1:01

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