Andy’s Race Results – Aug. 9th 2020

August 9th – Andy’s Race Sprint Triathlon, Greenville, SC

Sarah Campen – 1:18 – 7th OA, 2nd AG

Wes Baker – 1:19:19

Manuel Lambert – 1:20:06

Matthew Roland – 1:20:19

Haley Brammer – 1:23 – 2nd AG

Chris  Hartzler – 1:27

Reggie Frye – 1:29 – * See Story

Cheryl Miller – 1:51

Cindy Lucking – 1:59 – 2nd AG – *See Story!

*A few miles into the bike ride Cindy Lucking got a flat that sliced her tire open. She got off her bike and was walking back towards transition when a man out for a Sunday ride passed her on his mountain bike. When he realized what the problem was he offered her his bike. While most people would not have been able to turn around their day, Cindy thanked him and took off on her “new” bike! While her ride was much slower she still found her joy.  She found fellow teammate, Cheryl Miller on the run and they were able to finish together! How about that for an amazing story about staying in the moment? 

After the race I saw a great picture of Reggie, but I noticed that he was covered in dirt? Since this race does have a small trail portion I thought maybe he had taken a tumble on the run. It turns out he did take a tumble on the bike. On the steep hill out on the back of the course he landed in the ditch. He took a moment to collect himself and then got back to work. He stayed in the moment and still finished the race. While he might not have won, the tenacity he displayed will take him far in his racing career. Racing and life are both about picking yourself back up  again after you have gone down. 

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