April 13-14 Who is Racing…

Another busy weekend of racing for our team all over the place! What I love about our team is that it isn’t all about just winning or loosing. It is about growing as a person and an athlete and being better than you were yesterday. While we have some amazing athletes on our team who very well may stand on the podium they also happen to be kind and compassionate with the beginners. This means a lot more to me than any medal or placing ever will. Surround yourself with these kinds of people and you always WIN!

April 13th– Ville to Ville Relay – Greenville, SC to Asheville, NC

*Not everyone is on the same team!

Will Wood

Joe Engram

Anna Stankewicz

Abby Russell

Ty Henderson

Polly Ketcham

April 13th– Bunny Hop 5K Conestee/Greenville, SC

Alfred Dockery

April 13th– Tri the Midlands, Columbia, SC

Matthew Roland

Kelly Danias

Alisen Bogner

Doug Lennon

April 13th– Tar Heeler 10-miler, Raleigh, NC

Cam Neal

April 13th– Oak Island Half Marathon

Sarah Harriman

April 14th– Duathlon Nationals, Greenville, SC

Cindy Lucking – 

Keith McConnell

Kim Parenti

April 14th– Xterra Myrtle Beach Triathlon, SC

Beth Mullikin

April 15th– Boston Marathon

Joanna Eubanks

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