Are you Ready?

As I write this many of you are worried about your big race this weekend. You are concerned about the details and all the “what ifs” that are out there that could sabotage your race. I am here to tell you that there is nothing that can work for or against you more than your own mind. There is not one athlete that I am coaching that can’t do this race. Everyone has had plenty of preparation. Even if the preparation wasn’t perfect it will still get you to the finish line. Training rarely is perfect, my personal training is definitely not perfect and even most pro’s don’t have what they would ever consider “perfect”.

Over the next few days people are going to constantly ask you if you are “ready”. Let me help you with the answer to this question; YES, YOU ARE READY! Say this simply and with confidence because you ARE! Even if you don’t feel like you are, say it anyway. Fake it, till you make it. Say it so many times that even YOU believe it by the time you get to the start line.

The next question you will get is how do you feel? Your answer: EXCITED. I know you might think you are nervous but that is just a word I am not willing to allow anyone to use because it is negative. Of course I will be asking you these questions too, so don’t get tricked and give me the wrong answer!

I plan to be at the expo most of Friday and Saturday. We will have a booth set-up so come and see me for last minute tips or if you need help with anything.

Sunday will be GO TIME! Support, Cheer, Encourage and SMILE while you are out there. The fact that you are out swimming, biking and running is something we are all blessed to have the ability to do. Personally, I am grateful to work with such an amazing group of athletes. Life is what you make of it and mine happens to be swimming, biking and running! I might not be as fast as I used to be, but my passion for the sport and my love of racing are still front and center.

CONGRATS Karen & Phil!

Congrats to team members Karen Bailey and Phil North on their engagement! Instead of a diamond ring Phil knew the way to Karen’s heart…a shiny new bike! While Karen is a life long athlete this year she has completed her first triathlons and been on the podium at both even qualifying for Nationals! I am very excited for these two. Now we just have to get Phil qualified for Nationals so they can race together!

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