Aug. 9th-11th – Who is Racing..

This weekend we all are racing to honor Andy Van Evera. This means that you dig deep when you race but at the same time you encourage all those around you. You smile and wave at your loved ones because you are thankful to have them there to support you. You find kind words for the nervous beginner in transition before the race. Most importantly remember that triathlon is a great sport that gives us a sense of joy and purpose as well as a connection with community.

Mark an AV on your calf this weekend and race like Andy did!

Aug 9th – Lake Lure 10K

Kim Parenti

Aug 10th – Calgary 70.3, Canada

Kristen Nichols

Aug 10th – Crater Lake Rim Half Marathon, OR

Steph Hance

Aug 11th – Charleston Tri Series #5

Jannette Finch

Caroline Sinkler

Aug 11th – Andy’s Race, Greenville, SC

Katie Malone

Brad Fraedrich

John Miles

Kelly Danias

Leyla Musa

Paul Zimmerman

Phil Zitello

Melinda Lindburg

*Stephanie Cox

Steve Erwin

Will Wood

Kim Parenti

Cheryl Miller

Beth Mulliken

Anna Stankiewicz

Reggie Frye

Becky Van Evera

Matthew Roland

Doug Lennon

*Wes Baker

*Sarah Campen

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