August 3-4th Who is Racing…

Do you think like a giraffe? Do you stretch yourself and reach for the highest leaves in the trees? Where will your legs take you and from what past will your legs help you to depart? Giraffes are gentle giants that are full of courage and grace. While everyone else is choosing spirit animals like lions and cheetahs, I am going to challenge you to find one that speaks to you for more than just the obvious reasons.

Aug 3rd- Lake Eire Duathlon, PA
Kim Parenti

Aug 3rd – Lake Logan Half IM, Canton, NC
Katie Malone – Half
Brad Fraedrich – Half
Reggie Frye– Half
Christi Renee – Aquabike
Her son is doing the half – it will be his first!

Aug 4th – Lake Logan Half IM, Canton, NC
Caroline Sinkler – Oly
Jannette Finch – Oly
Cameron Neal – Oly
Justin Bogner – Sprint

Aug 4th – Boone Gran Fondo 100 mile ride, NC
Rachel Shivers Crunck

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