Crecente Finishes Western States 100 mile trail run!

A huge congrats to athlete and friend Chris Crecente on his finish of the Western States 100 mile trail run. While the race itself was epic, the journey to get here has been framed with many other endurance running races over the years of preparation. Then in the final leg of the journey he and his wife Becky welcomed new family member, Jasper!

Chris during his final steps Western States

June 29th – Western States 100-mile trail run, Squaw Valley, CA

Chris Crecente – 29 hours and 37 minutes! Amazing accomplishment!

My favorite quote from the race recap: “I was keeping a decent hiking pace but I was really ready for the hills to be over with.  Halfway up a guy was cheering and asked me to do a favor.  Like an idiot I said, “Ok”.  He asked me to run with him for ten steps.  Did I mention it was uphill and I had run 98 miles already?  I got stubborn and started to run slowly while he counted to ten.  I kept going, all the way to 25.  I guess I was trying to prove that his trick didn’t bother me?”

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