Feb. 23-24 Who is Racing

What I love most about racing is that it doesn’t really matter what the weather does. You show up and go! You have too many other things to focus on other than the weather. Wear all that fancy gear you have, sport some smart wool socks, perfect time to actually use a trucker hat to keep the rain out of your eyes too! Good luck team!

Feb 23rd – GHS Half Marathon, Greenville, SC

Christa Lynn Jones

Jeffrey Steading

Katie Malone

William Wood

Bob Boyle

Feb 23rd – Pinehurst 10K, NC

Chasse Bailey-Dorton

Feb 23rd – Capes Relay (Cape Meares to Pacific City) , OR

Steph Hance

Feb 23rd – Disney Princess 10K, Orlando, FL

Cheryl Winning Miller

Feb 24th – Disney Princess Half Marathon, Orlando, FL

Cheryl Winning Miller

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