Feb 9-10th Who is Racing…

Looking forward to another weekend of racing. Some of us are going for records and some are just out there to gain back some fitness and have fun. Whatever your goal is don’t let your mind hold you back, embrace the discomfort of racing and how alive it makes you feel!

Feb 9th – Green Valley 10-miler, SC – Keith McConnell & Cindy Lucking

Feb 9th – Green Valley 8K, SC – Mary Biebel

Feb 9th – Race for the Grasshopper, Cowpens, SC – Carol Brunson & Cheryl Winning Miller

Feb 9th – Hilton Head Marathon, SC – Joseph Engram & Mike Pastore

Feb 9th – Hilton Head Half Marathon, SC – Katie Malone, Brad Fraedrich, Phil Zitello, Kelly Danias, Sharon Appell

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