Jan. 11-12 Who is Racing…

Here we are on the first real weekend of racing of the New Year! As I look down the list of those racing I see a list of people with great energy! What kind of energy do you have? Think about that for a moment….

When you have a place where you need energy in your race what do you do? Most people silently suffer. Instead of doing that try encouraging someone near you. Ask them what their best race ever was and all of a sudden you will find that you both are running faster. Take those ear buds out when you are racing and absorb some of that fantastic energy you have surrounded yourself with!

Jan 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th – The Dopey Challenge, Disney World, FL 

Kevin Harrison

Cheryl Miller

Jan 11th – Viking Dash (Trail), Hartness Community, Greenville, SC

Phil Zitello

Beth Mullikin

Matthew Roland

Jan 11th – Charleston Half Marathon, SC

Kim Berry

Debby Byrnes

Jan 11th – Grasshopper 5K, Cowpens, SC

Karen Buckwalter

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