July 27-28th Who is Racing…

This weekend we are back in action with one of the oldest races in SC, Clemson, that got a facelift this year, with some added milage! What is better than 1 lap of this course? TWO! While we race our hearts out here in SC William Wood and Joanna Holter Eubanks have headed West for some challenging races. Then on Sunday we will be competing in the TEAM Challenge at the Charleston Sprint Series race for the first time ever. As a friend of mine recently said. “Toe the Line, Own the Line” it is GO TIME for our team!

Thanks to Dave Coggins for the great photography used here! We miss racing with your girls!

July 27th– Clemson Sprinternational, Clemson, SC

Leyla Musa

Keith McConnell

Beth Mullikin

Kelly Danias

Matthew Roland

Steve Erwin

Katie Malone

Brad Fraedrich

Phil Zitello

Abby Russell

Alfred Dockery

Doug Lennon 

Anna Stankiewicz 

Lindsay Jones

Mary Biebel & Kara Dullea Relay

July 27th– Santa Rosa 70.3, CA

Will Wood

July 28th– Ironman Canada

Joanna Eubanks

July 28th– Charleston Sprint Series #4

Cal Sinkler

Janette Finch

Shana Fitch

Katie Malone

Brad Fraedrich

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