March 30-31st Who is Racing…

This weekend our team begins serious racing! One of those being the first race on a packed Ultra calendar for Chris Crecente who will be running multiple 100 mile trail races this year to Keith McConnell getting some practice in at the Harvest Hope Duathlon. Everyone has their reasons for racing but it really is a beautiful thing to test your abilities. I think the most impressive thing about our team is that some of the most amazing performances come from athletes who are well over 50. Never stop chasing those dreams, never stop breaking those records!

March 30th – Fred Hardy 20K Track race, Richmond, VA

Cindy Lucking

March 30th– GA Death Race – 70 mile trail race, N. GA

Chris Crecente

March 30th– Harvest Hope Duathlon, Greenville, SC

Keith McConnell

March 30th– Get your Rear in Gear 5K, Charlotte, NC

Michael Vaccaro with his brother

March 30th– True to the Brew 10K Trail Race, Columbia, SC

Kelly Danias

Sharon Appell

March 30th– Race to the Head of the Class 5K & 10K, Tryon, NC

Melinda Lindberg

Christa Jones

Anna Stankewicz

Matthew Roland

Abby Russell

Leyla Musa

Beth Mullikin

Debby Byrnes

Kim Berry

Steve Erwin

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