March 7-8…Who is Racing

Age is just a number. How you take care of your body (and some good genetics) will largely determine how active you can be later in life. This week my inspiration comes from Mary Biebel and her desire to run a marathon for fun with her friends at a time in life when many people choose a sedentary life. Mary has chosen not only to be active herself but also to inspire her friends to move with her. She is an accomplished runner, a savvy business woman and a true supporter and mentor to many other women. Thank you Mary for being a vital part of our team for many years and for leading by example!

Mary has been racing for fun for years!

Good luck to all of you who are racing this weekend!

March 7th  – BB&T Half Marathon, Charlotte, NC

Michael Vaccaro

March 7th  – Myrtle Beach Half Marathon, SC

Cheryl Miller

March 7th  – Run Hard Half Marathon, Columbia, SC

David Sease (Running with friend)

March 8th – LA Marathon, CA

Mary Biebel

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