May 17-19 Who is Racing…

This weekend our team lines up all over the Southeast to see what we are made of. The miles of training, the sacrifice and pure effort that has gone into arriving at the start line is epic, but the ability to harness that energy in a perfect blend of focus and flow is the true beauty of racing.

May 17th– Time Lapse 24 Hour Relay, Whitewater Center, Charlotte, NC

Polly Ketcham

May 18th– Mountains to Main Street Half Marathon, Greenville, SC

Christa Jones

Keith McConnell

May 18th– Mountains to Main Street 5K, Greenville, SC

Mary Biebel

May 19th– Chattanooga 70.3, TN

Beth Mulliken

Joe Engram

Matthew Roland

Phil Zitello

Steph Hance

Melodee Coleman

Katie Malone

Brad Fraedrich

Melinda Lindberg

Catherine O’Sullivan

Kelly Danias

Sharon Appell

Will Wood

Michael Vacarro

Doug Lennon

Alisen Bogner

Ty Henderson

Lisa Anderson – Volunteering

May 19th– Charleston Sprint Series Race #1, James Island, SC

Cal Sinkler

Jannette Finch

Shana Fitch

May 20th– The Assault on Marion (Bike) Spartanburg, SC to Marion, NC.

Cheryl Miller

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