Oct. 12-13th Who is Racing…

Tomorrow is the last race of the SC Triathlon Series and one that will bring out fierce competition as everyone works to improve their scores for the end of the year awards. It also serves as a great opportunity to look at the year and the growth you have had but more importantly to focus on the future. I find it is impossible to look ahead without finding gratitude for what the past has taught us!

A special shout out to team member, Rachel Crunk, as she takes on her second Ironman of the season. Her work ethic is impressive, she inspires me daily with her ability to make it all happen AND be a mother AND run a business. I am excited to see her race unfold because I know just how prepared she is!

Oct 12th– DAM Tri

Kim Parenti

Katie Hand

Matthew Roland

Cindy Lucking

Katie Malone

Leyla Musa

Kelly Danias

Beth Mullikin

Abby Russell

Melinda Lindberg

Alisen Bogner

Christi Coomes

Paul Zimmerman

Doug Lennon

Will Wood

Oct 13th– Ironman Louisville, KY

Rachel Crunk

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