October 5th – Who is Racing…

Good luck to Cheryl Miller in her 5K this weekend. Last weekend she knocked out her first ever International Triathlon where she won her age group! This week she is running a little 5K in the middle of her long run. She also happens to be getting ready for the Goofy (that is a race at Disney where you do a Half Marathon on Saturday and a Marathon on Sunday). She can be found training most days of the week; lifting weights, swimming, riding her bike with a group or running. She always has a few kind words for everyone she meets. During the day she is a school nurse, she is constantly on the go. Why do I mention all this? Because Cheryl makes no excuses, she gets the work done which I love, but also because she does this all in her 60’s! She is truly an inspiration to all who know her. She is always pushing herself to be better and you know what? She IS getting better! So for those of you who think you can’t do it…YOU CAN! Change your mindset!

Cheryl’s winning smile!

Oct 5th – Beaufort Run Forrest Run 5K, SC

Cheryl Miller

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