Open Water Swims 2023

What you can expect at an open water swim: 

  • We do a warm-up, and we do an actual open water swim workout. 

  • I also give athletes feedback on technique while we are out there. These workouts are for ALL LEVELS of swimmers.

  • Our open water swims are like no other and will make you stronger and more confident in open water!


A lot of people have asked me about swimming at the lake this year. I have always generously shared my place with the triathlon community. Please understand that I am sharing this with you and read the rules below so that we do not upset the neighbors as this is a private lake.

Keep in mind that this will be a series of progressive open water swim workouts, meaning we will start with the basics and work into partner drills and drafting formations, as well as some mock racing. Each week will be something different.

This year I am offering DOUBLE the amount of open water swims in the series with a race night at the end of each month. Between the end of April and the end of September I will be hosting 17 open water swims.

I will post a registration link soon on RunSignUp.

If you are a currently coached athlete, you do NOT need to pay.

If you wish to pay for the season you can register for all 17 swims for $150 or you can register as you go for $12 per swim. This year I am asking that you register for swims ahead of time so that we have enough paddlers available to keep things safe.

April 26th – Wednesday – welcome back, sighting, drills, dock to dock swimming

May 1st – Monday – starts, drafting, kicking

May 10th – Wednesday – partner drills with clapping

May 15th – Monday – RACE night – out and back 1000m and 1.2 mile offered

May 24th – Wednesday – water polo teamwork

June 5th – Monday – Chariots of Fire

June 14th – Wednesday – drafting formations & paddle work

June 26th – Monday – RACE night – triangle course. 800, 1600, 2400 distances offered.

July 10th – Monday – Stick to it

July 19th  – Wednesday – Relays, starts, drafting, kicking

July 31st – Monday – RACE night 1600m, 3200m offered – out and back course

August 9th – Wednesday – Chariots of Fire

August 16th – Wednesday – water polo teamwork

August 28th – Monday – RACE 1.2 miles and 2.4 miles offered.

September 6th – Wednesday – Stick to it

September 18th – Monday – RACE 2.4 miles offered.

Open water swims will start at 6:30 PM sharp…in the water! That means you need to arrive a few minutes earlier to allow time to squeeze into your wetsuit.

*These are the planned dates. They might have to shift due to weather or other unexpected life challenges, all of which will be published on Facebook and

**In case of inclement weather: I will post on Facebook 90 min before the start of the swim what the plan is. Please do not try to contact me directly as I will be busy setting up and often can not reply.

2004 West Lakeshore Drive, Landrum, SC 29356
Parking: PLEASE park off the side of the road. We can use the gravel parking lot past my house if it is available (2002 West Lakeshore Dr.). Please DO NOT park in the paved driveway across the street from the gravel lot (we don’t have permission to use that area). Please be respectful of where you park! Thank you!

The water is already 65+ degrees and getting warmer daily so wetsuits still are necessary.

Changing: Please make sure to bring warm/dry clothes to change into immediately afterward. Women will be changing UPSTAIRS & Men Downstairs – this will help us all get changed into warm clothes faster! Please do NOT wear wetsuits into the boathouse upstairs!

*We have NO RESTROOMS! There are restrooms at the Hot Spot gas station or El Sureno restaurant on your way to the lake off Hwy 176.

**You may not be able to get cell phone coverage at the lake. Please plan accordingly.

Due to changes in coverage, we are now considered a “club” and must change procedures to maintain insurance which means every swimmer needs to check-in and sign a waiver. For non-Malone Coaching athletes, the cost is $12 per swim session or $150 for the season. *ALL SWIMMERS MUST SIGN A LIABILITY WAIVER

DO NOT USE THE WOODEN STAIRS TO ENTER THE WATER!!! These are very slippery, and they are meant for DOGS ONLY!

IMPORTANT! My place at the lake is ONLY OPEN during these swim sessions. At no time, under any circumstances, are you allowed to use this boathouse otherwise.

As always we will have kayak support. If you know someone who would like to be kayak support please let me know – as we get larger groups in the warmer months I need help. They must be able to paddle well enough to keep up with swimmers!

We usually get dinner at El Sureno (near the entrance to the lake) around 8 pm.


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