Sept. 28-29th Who is Racing

This is probably the last big racing weekend of the season with Toughman in SC Series and Augusta 70.3 AND Ironman Maryland! This quote really spoke to me because I think it is easy to forget about the people out there just getting into the sport and how daunting it can be during your first or even second half Ironman. Remember no one is perfect, we are never looking for perfection but rather participation. Don’t put stress on yourself to do everything right, leave some space to ENJOY the EXPERIENCE. That advice goes to those of you who have been racing for years too, especially on a weekend where we are going to have some epic heat! Encourage each other, smile and have some fun because life is really too short to do anything else!

Sept 28th – Cottonmouth Beer Relay, Travelers Rest, SC

Mary Biebel

Sept 28th – Toughman Half, Greenwood, SC

Katie Malone

Sept 28th – Toughman International, Greenwood, SC

Melinda Lindberg

Lindsay Jones

Beth Mullikin

Cheryl Miller – 1stInternational

Michael Vaccaro

Kim Parenti

Abby Russell

Doug Lennon

Cindy Lucking

Sept 28th – Ironman Maryland

Joanna Eubanks

Sept 29th – Augusta 70.3, GA

Reggie Frye

Matthew Roland

Ty Henderson

David Sease – 1stHalf IM

Anna Stankiewicz

Will Wood

*Sarah Campen – 1stHalf IM

*Patrice Sheron

*Veronica Torres – 1stHalf IM

*Denotes Greenville Triathlon Club Beginner Group

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