Swim Challenge Results 2021

The difference between the winners and second place was a little over 1000 but it wasn’t that they swam more…it was that Joanna Holter Eubanks swam over 18,000 which gave her team the edge because she got an extra point. Chris Hartzler pulled his weight during this challenge and swam more than he ever has in his life! They will both receive a gift certificate to Swim Outlet.

Honorable Mention goes to Kevin Harrison and Rachel Shivers Crunck who swam more than anyone else in the challenge! 30,548 for the week! Swim bags are coming your way.

Beth Scheimann Parker was the only other single person to swim the limit of 18,000+ during the week. Her partner Cheryl Winning Miller found her motivation and swam frequently to help their team get into the top 3. Gift certificate for Zealios swim shampoo and conditioner will be your award!

I really think there should also be awards given for smack-talking…Pat Edwards and Jeremy Walton would definitely win that one!

No matter where you placed I hope that you had fun, got to know your partner a little better and most importantly tested your limits and improved your swimming. I think it is pretty amazing what we accomplished TOGETHER!

Total swimming last week by our team 183 miles! Just WOW!

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