Swim Challenge Results


The Swim Challenge was a lot different this year. There was more strategy involved than ever and also more competition. Looking at the results here it is very obvious that no one person could win alone, you had to have a dedicated team member working with you. What is most impressive is that we had 10 people swim 10,000+ this week! Our winners were not even on my radar originally but did some serious time in the pool put them ahead of the curve.

DISTANCE AWARD go to Alfred Dockery and Lisa Powell. The best part about this is that in years past I have stood on the shore of a race with Alfred as he worried about the swim…I think that is going to be a thing of the past after this performance. Of course he was paired with Lisa who is one of the most dedicated athletes ever so it should be no surprise to me there. Honorable Mention goes to Caroline Sinkler and Kristen Radford-Nichols who both put in some serious effort to get to the pool more frequently.

POINTS AWARD goes to Doug Lennon and Pat Edwards, not surprising to see Doug’s name on this list but just 6+ months ago Pat had undergone shoulder surgery and could not swim at all. In order to claim this victory she basically got in the pool and swam every single opportunity she had even if it was just a 500. Honorable Mention goes to Rachel Crunk and Alisen Bogner who were partnered in the middle of the week after they each lost their team-mates to illness.


Just for fun…You all swam 244,044 yards which is 138 MILES!

Doing a little extra work like this from time to time is just a reminder of what you are capable of doing when you put your mind to it. Be proud of what you accomplished TOGETHER last week!

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