Jannette Finch

Born: Atlanta, 1962
Team Member Since: 2011
From: Charleston, SC
Events: Triathlon

Do you race for fun, health or competition? Why?

 got started to feel some solidarity with my son, who was going through Navy SEAL training. I continue for fun and health.

What personal goals have you reached already?

One Ironman distance race, 20 years of other races. Consistent good health reports, besides a small bout with cancer.

What personal goals do you have for the future?

Improve my running form, reach my weight goal, improve core strength.

What was your first race?

My first triathlon was a kayak/bike/trail run in 1999.

How long have you been interested in triathlon/running/fitness?

Always. I ran cross country in high school, was part of the summer swim team, rode horses and hiked from an early age. It was just part of life to be active. I’ve only recently learned that not everyone does that!

Do you enjoy training or competing most?


What is your favorite part of training?

Resting? The camaraderie with tri friends on long bikes or runs.

What drives you to compete?

To beat my own times.

Why did you choose Team Malone?

Friends’ recommendation! Now that Katie is a friend, I trust she has our wellness as her primary goal.

What race or races are on your bucket list?

I’d like to run (and walk) the NYC marathon.
I like races in other countries.