Josh Kendrick

Team Member Since:

Do you race for fun, health or competition? Why?

A little of all. When I get around to actually racing, I always have fun and it helps with my overall health.

What personal goals have you reached already?

Finishing a race

What personal goals do you have for the future?

Finishing a long race!

What was your first race?

The 36 North Triathlon – a sprint triathlon in Winston-Salem, NC

How long have you been interested in triathlon/running/fitness?

A few years

Do you enjoy training or competing most?

I like finishing races the most!

What is your favorite part of training?

A sense of satisfaction when I have a good week and don’t miss any workouts.

What drives you to compete?

The idea that if I have enough discipline and determination, I can do something most people think is too hard.

Why did you choose Team Malone?

From our first conversation, Katie has been aware of and worked with my limitations. I am not historically the kind of athlete that runs triathlons. I think she is the best coach to help me improve. And she is patient with me…

What race or races are on your bucket list?

I want to run a half-Ironman, but I know I have a long way to go…