Kelly Danias

Born: 1966 in PA
Team Member Since: 2014
Columbia, SC
Events: Triathlon, Ironman

Do you race for fun, health or competition? Why?

Fun & health. I love my workout buddies & enjoy social time on my bicycle as much as lunch out.

What personal goals have you reached already?

Half & full Ironman

What personal goals do you have for the future?

Not end up as a 50-pound overweight Danias like so many of my relatives.

What was your first race?

First half marathon at Kiawah back in the 2000s when cotton shirts were still in vogue. First Triathlon in the old Barefoot Sports series. My Team in Training coaches thought maybe I’d drown since I was in the ocean so long.

How long have you been interested in triathlon/running/fitness?

Since my early 30s, so 20 years ago.

Do you enjoy training or competing most?

Racing because I love race the morning atmosphere, greeting my friends & competitors, the music, encouraging the other back of the packers with a smile when we’re running together.

What is your favorite part of training?

Hanging with my friends for a long ride early Saturday morning. Supporting each other through life’s challenges as we spend countless hours running.

What drives you to compete?

Triathlon is a lifestyle now & I like to challenge myself to the same favorite & new races.

Why did you choose Team Malone?

Recommendations on Katie’s coaching style & race experience. I cannot image following an Ironman Training Oman written by someone who’s never raced the distance.

What race or races are on your bucket list?

Chatty 70.3