Tour de France Challenge

During the official Tour de France I challenged our team to ride at least a portion of all 21 stages which ONLY included 2 rest days! While the distances our athletes were doing were a lot less than the real Tour, they were still significant in the lives of people working full time!

The Tour De France Challenge results are in…I can’t even begin to say how impressed I am at what some of you accomplished during this time. You tested your boundaries and you did so much more than you ever have before! This just goes to prove that you don’t always need a race to accomplish big goals.

Our overall winner was hands down Lisa Anderson with the majority of her miles being OFF road on a gravel bike she made her “come back” in the most miraculous way. She pushed herself past physical issues that have held her back and was reminded that she is still a powerhouse on the bike and that her competitive days are far from over. This challenge was a huge confidence boost for her and is just what she needed at this point in her training and competitive life!

Our male winner was a surprise to me, not because I ever doubted that he could win, but because he is a busy professional, a Dr. with a hectic work schedule who doesn’t really have time for a “challenge” like this one. Somewhere deep down inside he is a fierce competitor who has never been scared of hard work, which can be witnessed by his training log week after week. He rode his trainer, he rode his bike to and from work and he rode outside. He pushed far outside his comfort zone (racing 2x within this time frame too). No small feat for a man who is 60 years old! Either way I am thrilled to announce that Phil Zitello is the men’s winner of the challenge! 

While some of you might not have won, I could not be more proud of how hard you all worked and how you pushed yourselves during this challenge. You tested your limits and found that you are always capable of more than you imagined and are now the proud owners of a new level of fitness!

*The summary results are below. If you are not listed here it might be because you did not complete enough workouts or I made a mistake so please shoot me an e-mail and I can correct. This was no small feat to get all the results into a spreadsheet and calculated.

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