Who is Racing – August 8-9th 2020

Finally I get to do a “who is racing” post! Tomorrow morning we have Andy’s Race in Greenville, SC and while many of us jokingly refer to it as the “Greenville World Championships”, this year it will truly be a celebration of being able to race and honor our teammate who has his wings. 

While 2020 has definitely served up cancellations, it has also been a year filled with opportunity; to slow down, focus on the process, find your own balance, and reconnect with family.

Our group is a bit smaller than usual (for obvious reasons) but all are well prepared and excited to be back out there!

Good luck to: Wes Baker, Manuel Lambert, Cindy Lucking, Reggie Frye, Sarah Campen, Matthew Roland, Cheryl Miller, Haley Brammer, Julia Norcia and Chris Hartzler!

We also have Cal Sinkler racing at the last of the Charleston Tri Series races tomorrow morning!

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