Who is Racing – Feb. 22-23

Sign from the Winter Challenge

Another weekend of racing means another weekend of testing your personal limits, not everyone enjoys the suffering that comes with a PR (personal record) but for those that do, the weekend is yours to savor!

Feb. 22nd  – Gasparilla 5K,  Tampa, FL

Tom Demarest

Feb. 22nd  – Hot Chocolate 15K, Charlotte, NC 

Joanna Eubanks

Cheryl Miller

Feb. 22nd  – Winter Challenge Tri (Run 7, Kayak 6, MTB 10), Williston, SC

Matthew Roland

Lisa Powell 

Amy Tucker

Feb. 22nd  – Winter Challenge Du (Run 2.5 , MTB 10, Run 4.5), Williston, SC

Beth Mullikin

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