Athletes choose Malone Coaching for the one-on-one personal service.

Malone Coaching believes in a close coach-athlete relationship. We take your triathlon goals as seriously as you do. Katie guides athletes through every facet of triathlon, often racing at the same events. We offer a wide variety of live, coach-led practices, both online and in person. For local athletes, there are multiple group training opportunities and for athletes outside our area, we offer Zoom sessions, online clinics, and camps to enhance your training experience.

One Team. One Goal.

While triathlon can feel like an individual sport, Katie delivers personal attention while using team dynamics to help all athletes achieve their potential. Katie’s athletes train together, socialize together and support each other locally, while still being part of a national network of athletes striving towards their personal goals. Katie wants everyone to get the most out of their triathlon experience, from beginners completing their first triathlon to a veteran chasing a Kona slot. We have a bond through our sport and through our shared goals; Come out and meet us at local races to see what we are all about.